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Running a Feed Relay

When running more than one node, you want to run a single feed relay per datacenter, which will reduce ingress fees and improve stability. The feed relay is in the same docker image.

  • Here is an example of how to run the feed relay for Arbitrum One:
    docker run --rm -it  -p --entrypoint relay offchainlabs/nitro-node:v2.0.11-8e786ec --node.feed.output.addr= --node.feed.input.url=wss:// --l2.chain-id=42161
  • Here is an example of how to run nitro-node for Arbitrum One with custom relay:
    docker run --rm -it  -v /some/local/dir/arbitrum:/home/user/.arbitrum -p -p offchainlabs/nitro-node:v2.0.11-8e786ec --l1.url=https://l1-mainnet-node:8545 --l2.chain-id=42161 --http.api=net,web3,eth,debug --http.corsdomain=* --http.addr= --http.vhosts=* --node.feed.input.url=ws://local-relay-address:9642

Note that Arbitrum classic does not communicate with Nitro sequencer, so classic relay is no longer used.