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What is "Mainnet Beta"?

Arbitrum One — the first permissionless Ethereum layer 2 rollup with full Ethereum smart contract functionality — is live on mainnet — as is Nova, our first AnyTrust chain! We're sure you're (almost) as excited as we are; here's what you need to know before using the system:

Some Words of Caution

  • Why Mainnet "Beta?"; Current De/Centralization State: Arbitrum One and Nova have their full feature sets that you'll see described in these docs fully implemented and live: fraud proofs, permissionless usage, you name it. That said, given that Arbitrum is still a new, cutting edge, and complex system, we currently maintain various levels of control over the chains while they're still in this early Beta phase; this includes contract upgradeability, the ability to pause the system, and validator whitelisting. We believe temporarily maintaining these capabilities is the only responsible way to launch while we continue to harden our system; as we progressively decentralized, these controls will be phased and eventually eliminated entirely.

    To track the status of the Arbitrum chains' decentralization, you can follow updates from us (obviously) or, for Arbitrum One, check out L2Beat, who have thus far done a great job of thoroughly and responsibly providing information on Arbitrum Rollup and other L2 systems.

  • Why Mainnet "Beta?": Undiscovered Bugs 😱: Despite the fact that we at Offchain Labs have thoroughly thought through the many design choices in our protocol, have been as careful implementing them as we could be, have been audited by several independent firms, have a team of engineers that are all very smart and cool, etc.,... there remains a non-zero chance that our codebase contains some undiscovered vulnerabilities that put user funds at risk. Users should carefully factor in this risk in their decision to use Arbitrum one / in deciding how much of their value to entrust into the system. (And should you yourself happen to discover one such bug, might we kindly direct you to our bug bounty program?)

  • General Caution: Beware of Scams and Rugs: Arbitrum, like Ethereum, is permissionless; on both platforms, anybody can deploy any smart contract code they want. Users should treat interacting with contracts on Arbitrum exactly as they do with Ethereum, i.e., they should only do so if they have good reason to trust that the application is secure.

Getting Started

..okay, with that out of the way, let's talk about getting started! To get a sense of what's out there, you can check out our portal page, where we showcase some of the dApps, wallets, and infrastructure currently live.

See Public Chains for more info on getting started.