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Getting Started

Welcome to Arbitrum! Here's how to become an Arbitrum user:

Note: before interacting with a mainnet chain, users should familiarize themselves with the risks; see Mainnet Beta.

Connect Your Wallet

Connect your wallet to an Arbitrum chain, adding the chain's RPC endpoint if required.

Get Some Native Currency

You'll need a chain's native currency to transact. You can either acquire funds directly on an Arbitrum chain, or get funds on a chain's underlying L1 and bridge it across. You can get testnet Ether from the following faucets:

Supported centralized exchanges allow you to purchase (mainnet) Ether and withdraw it directly onto Arbitrum one.

Deposit And Withdraw

To move your Ether and Tokens between Arbitrum and Ethereum chains, visit

Use L2 Dapps!

Interacting with Arbitrum chains will feel very similar to using Ethereum, just cheaper and faster! To get a sense of what's out there, you can check out our portal page, where we showcase some of the dApps, wallets, and infrastructure currently live on Arbitrum One.

Build on Arbitrum

Dapp developers can build on Arbitrum seamlessly using their favorite Ethereum tooling.

What's Next

The team working on Arbitrum is always interested and looking forward to engage with its users. Why not follow us on Twitter or join our community on Discord?