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Troubleshooting: Using Arbitrum

Do I need to pay a tip / Priority fee for my Arbitrum transactions?

Since transactions are processed in the order that the Sequencer receives them, no priority fee is necessary for Arbitrum transactions; if a transaction does include a priority fee, it will be refunded to the transaction's origin address at the end of execution.

How can I check the status of my cross chain message?

You can check the status of any Arbitrum cross chain message at (you will also be able to execute the cross chain message there, if applicable).

You'll need the transaction hash of the "initiating transaction": the L1 transaction hash for an L1-to-L2 message (e.g., a deposit), or the L2 transaction hash for an L2-to-L1 message (e.g., a withdrawal).

If you cross-chain message was initiated from, you can also check its status / execute it at that site in the transaction history tab.

How do I move assets between One and Nova?

Both Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova run as layers on top of Ethereum. Thus, you can always move assets between the two chains in two steps by going "through" Ethereum. In other words: withdraw your assets on Arbitrum One to Ethereum and then deposit them onto Nova, or conversely, withdraw your assets from Nova on to Ethreum and then deposit them on to Arbitrum One. These steps can all be done at

Some third party bridges support transferring between Arbitrum One and Nova directly; (remember that third party bridges are created by third parties; DYOR!)