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Monitoring tools and block explorers


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The following tools will help you inspect and monitor the transactions, smart contracts, and general chain usage associated with your decentralized apps (dApps):

Arbiscan (Etherscan based chain explorer)

Arbiscan is a popular Arbitrum blockchain explorer and analytics platform. You can use Arbiscan to analyze public data on the Arbitrum network, such as transactions, wallet addresses, and smart contracts. Created by the Etherscan team, this centralized, self-contained platform aims to make Arbitrum blockchains more accessible to everyday users. Arbiscan helps users understand their interactions with the blockchain, identify suspicious behavior, and engage directly with smart contracts.

You can find here the Arbiscan explorers for the different Arbitrum chains:


Dune is a community-driven Web3 analytics platform enabling crypto analysts and investors to query, visualize, and explore data from various public blockchains. Users can create custom charts and dashboards using plain SQL, with results instantly transformed into insightful graphs. Supporting Ethereum, Arbitrum and other blockchains, Dune offers comprehensive analysis of DeFi, NFT projects, and more.

You can find a list of Arbitrum dashboards created by the community here.