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A gentle introduction: Launch an L3 chain


This document is currently in public preview and may change significantly as feedback is captured from readers like you. Click the Request an update button at the top of this document or join the Arbitrum Discord to share your feedback.

The Arbitrum Nitro codebase's license now allows anybody to launch their own "L3" Arbitrum chain, a chain that runs on top of one of Arbitrum's L2s (currently Arbitrum One or Nova), settling via bridge contracts deployed on its underlying L2 chain. Developers don't need permission from the Arbitrum DAO, Offchain Labs, or anyone else to create their own L3s; they are also free to modify the Nitro codebase for their L3 however they chose.

Come back soon for a guide on deploying a new L3; in the mean time, if you're interested, feel to reach out to us for more info.

See Arbitrum DAO docs for more info on the Arbitrum DAO's role in governing L2s.